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Living With Lyme

Dec 4, 2019

Dr. Litwin joins Cindy to talk about his fascination with the brain, including memory.  Once he educated himself on a functional approach for maintaining and improving brain function, he never looked back to standard treatment approaches for brain health. He is using his broad knowledge and experience in functional medicine to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease in his practice in Sandy Hook, CT.

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What is cognitive decline and are there levels of decline?
Who recognizes the decline first-family or self?
What are the causes of cognitive decline? Talk to effects of Lyme Disease.
What part of the brain stores memories?
What do you feel is the best approach to staving off cognitive decline?
Are there Functional tests that would offer insight to our listeners?
Talk to Genetic, Environmental factors associated with cognitive decline.
Does stress have something to do with memory?
How can we improve our memory?
Is there a relationship with nutrition and memory?
Do you have favorite supplements that promote brain plasticity?
Are there prominent research studies that has focused on cognition?
What programs do you offer?