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Living With Lyme

Jan 15, 2020

With over 11 years in clinical practice treating Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections, Dr. Jaquel Patterson shares her approach with Cindy Kennedy FNP. She discusses that Lyme treatment takes a multi-system approach to help patients get well, since it is a multi layered illness.

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How do you approach a patient with possible TBI?

Is there a need to improve immunity before going after the infections?

What are some go to therapies?

What are the best ways to reduce the cascade of inflammation?

Lyme can make an opportunistic environment for old viruses to rear their ugly heads.

How does Lyme and co-infections trick the body and become a continuous fight?

How can an infected person help turn their illness around?

How is it that people are misdiagnosed with ALS and MS?

What are the contributing factors for Lyme to be spreading around the world?

Along with awareness are there any other preventable options you suggest?

How to get more healthcare professionals on board with a Lyme diagnosis?