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Living With Lyme

Sep 5, 2018

Dr. Hussar is committed to bringing to light that old cavitations could be harboring bacteria and spirochetes that cause persistent illness. 

#Lyme disease #cavitations #fillings

Dr. Christopher Hussar is a holistic dentist who has over 25 years of experience. He received his D.D.S. degree from the University of Detroit Dental College in 1978 and his D.O. Degree from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Michigan in 1986. In 2004, Dr. Christopher Hussar began a study involving thermal imaging technology. The medical applications of thermographic imaging studies were developed by Dr. Christopher Hussar, who is an expert in the fields of necrotic dental bone surgery and Lyme disease. He was directly involved in a study that looked at developing an affordable, non-radiological clinical imaging device. He has worked in several aspects of medicine, in particular chronic pain. He specializes in work involving extensive oral surgery to remove cavitations from patients with Lyme disease.