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Living With Lyme

Oct 31, 2017

Attorney advocate and CEO of Lorraine Johnson joins the program to discuss, a patient powered research project. Discover how you can add your data to MyLymeData and the efforts that are taking in order to increase the quality of life for Lyme patients nationwide. 

Oct 18, 2017

Dr. Christopher J. Fabricius discusses the power of the body to heal itself. He discusses how to support the innate processes that allow your body to heal. 

Oct 5, 2017

Kate Forest, RYT, is a Mindful Living and Mindful Learning Consultant, joins the program to discuss the importance of mindfulness and self-care for healthy living. 

Oct 4, 2017

Intuitive wellness coach Jennifer Mather joins the program to discuss how to create a cleaner and healthier home environment. She also discusses how to improve your diet in order to maximize your health.